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Metabolism Boosting Foods

Eating healthy, protein rich foods to support calorie burning muscle mass and following a moderate calorie diet will help to turn up the calorie burning furnace. We need approximately 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal, however, sometimes we overlook these protein rich foods:

Avocados-There are 2 g of protein in a half an avocado. In addition it contains all essential amino acids plus heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.</li>

Tree nuts-2 tbsp. contain 4-6 g of protein. A small handful of walnuts or almonds is a great snack, mixed with yogurt or oatmeal, or on a salad.</li>

Edamame-A 1/2 cup of shelled edamame has 8.5 grams of protein and contains every trace mineral your body needs, including iron, magnesium, and zinc. Mix avocado and edamame in the food processor when making guacamole for a super protein veggie dip!

Eggs-6 g for one egg, 3.5 g per egg white. However you prepare them, eggs and egg whites are smart fuel for muscles.

Tempeh-15 g per 1/2 cup. Its nougatlike texture makes it smart stand-in for meat. Saute, or crumble cooked tempeh over salads.

Greek style yogurt-18 g per 6 oz serving. This thick and creamy treat packs nearly twice as much protein as other dairy sources. Mix in walnuts or almonds and antioxidant rich berries for a refreshing recovery meal.

Fish and Shellfish-28 g per 4 oz serving. Whether it's salmon, halibut or tuna seafood is a great lean protein source. Aim for 3 to 5 servings per week.

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