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About Us


Elite Fitness Plus (EFP) is an exclusive 100% private wellness and fitness facility founded over 25 years ago and focuses on the long term health benefits of fitness. We don’t subscribe to one size fits all, factory type gyms or workouts. Elite Fitness Plus tailors our comprehensive, individual based, result generating programs around you, the client.  Our warm and friendly college educated coaches are exceptional in what they do and have the experience and education to provide a one of a kind experience.
We specialize in post rehabilitation, private coaching, intimate small group coaching (e-F.I.I.T.), and clients over the age of 50. We also specialize in special population clients such as cancer patients, MS, post surgery/rehab, etc. We strive to improve the quality of life of our clients - whether it's helping them achieve their fitness goals, helping them perform daily functional activities, or getting them back to normal life after injury and/or rehab. 

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