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Elite Fitness Plus specializes in private post-rehabilitation coaching and one-on-one personal fitness coaching.
Elite Fitness Plus uses protocols similar to those used in a doctor’s office. We track every workout and every exercise that each client completes. We also keep track of the weight used that day, food consumed before the workout, and daily injuries or ailments. 

All new clients will go through a full assessment before beginning a workout program. In this assessment we measure heart rate, blood pressure, body composition (lean muscle mass versus body fat), cardiovascular strength and endurance, and lower body, upper body, and core strength. This gives our coaches a starting point for each client to build from and allows us to measure each client’s progress from a numerical or quantifiable stand point.

Included in our Private Coaching package

  • Initial body assessment (followed up every 6 weeks)

  • Individually designed program to achieve your goals

  • Access to unlimited small group coaching


Are you transitioning out of therapy (Physical/Chiropractic)? Do you have an injury or limitation that discourages you from activity or exercise? Not looking for a one on one? Rx-F.I.I.T. is the 1st of its kind and the newest offering at Elite Fitness Plus! It is a small group coaching session for those recovering from an injury or working with limited mobility and or ability. If you struggle with a chronic injury, onset of a new pain / discomfort or completed your post-surgery acute care and you are still NOT where you want to be physically, try Rx-F.I.I.T. which we guarantee will help you improve joint health (mobility/stability), strength, flexibility, core strength, and balance…

Our post-rehab work with clients including but not limited to those with Orthopedic injury (ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulder), Pre and Post surgical strengthening, Multiple Sclerosis, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Strokes, Cardio Vascular Concerns, High Blood Pressure, Cancer Recovery, and Autism is what the owner Michael Davis founded Elite Fitness “Plus” for, 20 years ago.  

E-F.I.I.T. (small group) Coaching

Elite functional integrated interval training is our small group coaching program. It is a 4 phase, comprehensive, and effective fitness coaching in a small group setting. We offer unlimited and limited small group memberships.

E-F.I.I.T. and Rx-F.I.I.T. Schedule


Coaching days follow this schedule:

Monday HIIT, Tuesday Strength, Wednesday RESTORE, Thursday Cardio, Friday Power, & Saturday combination

* Core, Stretch, and Roll e-FIIT/Rx-FIIT

** Rx-FIIT post therapy small group coaching 

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