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Do you Have Aches and Pains?

Coaches Corner

Do you have aches and pains? Does your body disagree with certain movements? Do you want lasting results you can count on? If you answered yes, then this product is for you! Press the ON button, strap the belt around your waist, close your eyes and in 20 minutes you won’t have any aches or pains anymore AND you’ll be stronger than ever! This is what the fitness world has come to, and we don’t like it. Everyone out there wants you to believe that there is some short-cut way to feeling better, moving better and looking better, and they prey on the people who offer up their 4 easy payments of $19.99. Elite Fitness Plus believes in movement science, consistency and life-style adjustments. Yes, these all take a considerable amount of time and patience to adjust to, but the effects are true and lasting. Hence our Restoration Days!

These Restoration Days in our programs are designed to target your musculoskeletal weaknesses, imbalances and inefficiencies and bring them to light so that you may become more aware, on a daily basis, of how to better your life. Yes, we can run you into the ground or make you do 100 push-ups, that’s easy; but how does that increase your kinesthetic (body) awareness or adjust musculoskeletal imbalances? I would reasonably state that 90% of our clients are dealing with 1, maybe 2 injuries. Some of these injuries may be traumatic (a single occurrence like spraining an ankle), but many are a result of anatomical, muscular or chronic issues. If we can teach you how to move correctly and how to use the smaller, postural muscles in your body then we have a chance at making you a healthier, pain-free you. Many injuries, chronic or traumatic, may be remedied by simply creating new movement patterns and teaching your body to move the way it was intended. Your body WANTS to move correctly and it WANTS to be healthy; but if you do not have the necessary tools to create the masterpiece that is a properly functioning body, how will you ever build it?

Restoration may be a foreign concept to many fitness participants, but it is highly regarded as you work your way up the totem pole towards professional athletes and their Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article detailing how “Tayshaun Prince, a King of NBA Longevity” is able to still be healthy and make an impact on his team even though he is 35 years old and in his 14th NBA season. Read the article here: Whether you are a professional athlete, amateur athlete or just trying to live a healthy, pain free life, Restoration is your friend. It is much more than just getting a muscle pump and a wet t-shirt. If mentally engaged and taken seriously, Restoration can completely change your life and make you aware of areas you need to focus on a little more closely.

Anybody can make you run, crunch and sweat until you feel like you cannot even move, but it takes a true artist to give you the proper tools to change your own life.

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