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Why Dotfit and why now?

Coaches Corner

Elite Fitness Plus has never suggested supplements to our clients in the past due to the lack of regulation on the supplement industry and the unreliability of the actual product that is being consumed. Did you know that:

FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market. If the dietary supplement contains a NEW ingredient, manufacturers must notify FDA about that ingredient prior to marketing. However, the notification will only be reviewed by FDA (not approved) and only for safety, not effectiveness. Retrieved from

Elite Fitness Plus strives to give our clients the best nutritional and health advise and our research has brought us to dotFIT.  DotFIT is a research and development company from evidence based sport and fitness programs. All of their products meet strict scientific criteria and legal committee rules, and undergo third party testing procedures. Our research of this company assures us that you, our clients, will receive personalized, safe, and effective products that can be integrated into complete nutrition and exercise programs. You won't see dotFIT on the shelves at your local GNC as it's strict testing and guidelines put it in a category all it's own.

Guaranteeing safe and effective products requires processes that no other companies use, simply because they really aren't required. DotFIT supplements prove to a scientific and legal committee their efficacy, safety, purity and potency, truth in labeling, and their nutrient delivery.

Efficacy: products will work as claimed. DotFIT matches ingredients, their forms, amounts, and dosing instructions with those shown to be effective in clinical trials using third party studies...if dotFIT makes it, it works.

Safety: product is safe as recommended. There are two parts to safety. The ingredients themselves have to have a history of safety as well as being shown to be safe in clinical trials. The second part is synergy with diet and other products to assure no nutrient overages or adverse events when using drugs or other supplements. This is accomplished by medical screening and using only supplements that work together to assure amounts of all ingredients remain on the safe optimal range when taken together...following instructions guarantees the safe and ideal intake.

Purity and potency: Purity is defined as free of contaminants or impurities such as lead or other potentially toxic, illegal or banned substances which is most important to the drug tested professional or amateur athletes. Potency or ingredient amounts are exactly as published on the label. Products are manufactured and tested in pharmaceutical FDA regulated and NSF certified facility. This means, they follow strict good manufacturing practices or GMP and are inspected regularly. Also, there are comprehensive multiple tests starting with the raw materials and continuing all the way to the completed product, including the use of third party lab testing facilities to validate the purity and potency...therefore what is on the label is tested to match what is in the container.

Accurate nutrient delivery: the ingredients hit their target. Depending on the delivery goal, proper use, and dosing of tablets, capsules, or powder preparations including their co-factors, which are the added ingredients that can alter the release times of different ingredients, dotFIT can control speed of ingredient absorption. Sometimes you want delivery as fast as possible, while other times delivery is desired to be over longer periods for ideal tissue saturation. Also, different forms of the same nutrient can hit different targets. Identifing the right form, can get more as needed to the proper tissue...therefore, the right nutrients and amounts arrive at the right places at the right times.

Truth in labeling and Full disclosure: legal and accurate product claims and listings of any sub populations potential precautions. Once dotFIT proves the contents match positive clinical trials, the claims have to pass legal regulations and dotFIT has to publish the supporting data with any know potential precautions in a pier review style document titled "the supplement reference guide" or SRG that is available to everyone.

Proper use of dietary supplements can make a positive impact on reaching sport, health, or fitness goals. But improper or non professional guidance can often yield little to no value and may also be harmful long term and is why much of the scientific community disagrees with commercial practices or consumer buying decisions and why Elite Fitness Plus never jumped on board with supplementation. That has changed with dotFIT and their committment to scientific and research backed supplments that undergo strict3rd party testing.

DotFIT supplements are improving health by supplying what the diet can't throughout life and safely enhancing sport and fitness outcomes when compared to a non supplemented state. Elite Fitness Plus is excited to always offer our clients the very best and we are constantly educating ourselves to provide you with just that.

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