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Inspiration for the New Year

Michael Katzenberger has lost 114 pounds since he began his commitment to exercise and health at Elite Fitness Plus 14 months ago. Here is his account of his incredible journey.

Little Steps Towards Big Growth...

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to approach the new year. As you may find, January is a very reflective month for humans across the world. We all tend to look back over the past year (or years) and consider what things in life we hope to resolve in the next year of life. It’s kind of a game we play with ourselves. We gain perspective, it gives us hope, and we launch out with great intentions. The new year is full of possibilities, right?

Usually, as a natural-born dreamer, I find myself setting lofty goals that never seem to get accomplished. Last fall, actually, I set out to lose weight. I know a lot of you could say “been there, done that” (that = gym memberships, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem or Medifast). I thought long and hard about the commitment, and starting in November, set out to accomplish this goal. I tried my best to make it thru the holidays. As I began to lose weight, the usual roadblocks arrived: travel, long work days and the allure of calorie-rich foods. It was only February, and I found myself close to the edge of failing once again in my attempt to have good health. As the temptations grew stronger and more roadblocks appeared, I found the desire to be healthy became a millstone around my neck. Through those first few struggling months, I began to realize: if I focused on the big picture, goal or achievement I wished to accomplish, I would be washed out in depression, anxiety or feelings of failure. However, when I focused more on the small steps leading to the big goal, I found myself joyful and able to see myself making progress. I could see how failing small had little effect on the larger goal and countering with small successes were tantamount to realizing my goals. I can remember losing the first 50 pounds... what a day that was! It really was the small practices, the small steps I chose that added up to 114 pound weight loss. I feel healthy, and I enjoy more activity. Most importantly, I can apply my learnings to other goals and achievements in the future.


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