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Dr. Paul Block: What is the most important vital organ to nurture and take care of?

More than 80% when asked the question, "What is the most important vital organ to nurture and take care of?" answered, "the heart". Remember, all of the vital organs are critical. My answer to the question would be the brain. We have known brain anatomy for many years. Our understanding of brain physiology has been enhanced greatly within the past few years. When we care  for and nurture our brain, we are taking care of all of our vital organs. The brain is involved in everything we do. How we think, how we feel, how we act, and how well we get along with other people has to do with the moment by moment functioning of our brain. When our brain works right, we tend to be effective, thoughtful, creative and energetic. When the brain is troubled, we may have problems with depression, anxiety, work performance, impulsivity, anger, inflexibility, memory, and relationships. When our brain has even minor dysfunction it can impair our general health. Significant improvement of our health begins with taking a strategic approach to enhancing brain health. The next newsletter will discuss approaches we can employ to improve brain health.

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